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Lauzon Music is one of six official Fender Custom Shop Showcase Dealers in Canada!

Fender Custom Shop is a specific division that produces special-order guitars for customers through dealers (like us!). Fender Custom Shop represents the very best Fender has to offer when it comes to high-quality guitars and builds limited-edition amplifiers. Visit our store to see our excellent selection of Custom Shop, Teambuilt, and Masterbuilt Fender guitars.

See our Current in stock Fender Custom Shop Guitars:

See our Current in Stock Fender Guitars:

At Lauzon Music we carry Fender Guitars Canada. Our stock includes Fender and Fender Custom shop guitars. We carry a wide array of guitars for example, Strat and Tele models.

Generally we are able to order any of the model Fender makes

We spec out one-off Fender Custom Shop guitars. Our current stock of Fender custom shop guitars is great!

The Fender Custom shop aims to create vintage Fender guitars as closely as possible. The custom shop will also build a custom guitar to your specs. They offer 2 levels for custom shop builds; Team built and Master built. Team built guitars are built by a small group of custom shop craftsman to your specs. At the Master built level you can select the Master builder who will build a custom guitar for you. In addition, you can provide photos to get the guitar of your dreams.

Another option Fender offers is Custom Shop Catalogue guitars. These are generally versions of vintage models.

Want to spec out your own custom build? Fill out this specs sheet and send it to shop@lauzonmusic.com

Here’s a few Fender Custom Shop Guitars for inspiration

When you order a guitar through our store you will get a dialed in guitar. Additionally our technician does a final setup on every guitar before it ships.

In conclusion, Lauzon Music is your best option for Fender Guitars Canada. Above all we do our best to present every instrument in it’s best possible state.