SN: 210000006912


The Atma by Bogner is an extremely versatile 18-watt, 1×12 combo featuring an innovative set of controls, built in attenuator, effects loop, and voicing switches for each channel. With near endless tonal variations at hand, this small packaged powerhouse is an ideal amp for the home or studio.


  • Foot switchable 3 channel all tube amplifier with effects loop
  • EL84 class-A cathode biased power amp with EZ81 tube rectifier delivers 18 watts
  • Built in power attenuator lets you scale down the power and headroom from 18, 5 to 1 watt. Allows fantastic low volume bedroom amp tone, gain and feel
  • Clean channel with volume and tone controls plus a bright switch lets you dial in a variety of sounds from blackface mid-scooped to thick tweed tone
  • Overdrive channels share the usual bass, mid, treble controls as well as a 3 position voicing/gain switch covering 60’s, 70’s and 80’s gain and tonal characteristics. A single gain control sets the overall gain for the crunch and solo channel while the crunch preset gain control on the back panel lets you dial in the gain difference between the two overdrives.
  • Silver tolex
  • Celestion G12H speaker
  • 16, 8 and 4 ohm speaker outputs allows use with most speaker cabinets. for multiple cabinets a splitter box needs to be used