An evolution of the classic Uberschall amp, the Twin Jet is engineered with two highly responsive gain channels. The amp’s newly designed “clean” channel is dirty enough to attain cranked Plexi tones with ease. The high-gain channel is similar to the original Ubershall, but now features a new presence control for better shaping of your high end. And KT88 tubes deliver 150 watts of blistering power. If you prefer a little grit on your cleans or can get the job done with two beautiful-sounding drive channels, the Bogner Uberschall Twin Jet Head is the amp for you.

Head comes paired with Bogner’s 4×12 extension cabinet, which comes loaded with two Celestion V30 and two Celestion G12T75 speakers.

NOTE: Head and cab are only available as a pair.

KT88 Power Tubes
150 watts
Buffered Effects Loop
Channel controls: Volume, Gain, Bass, Treble, and Middle
Global master volume, depth and presence

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