The Z Best 2×12 closed back cab is an animal all its own. Dr. Z have utilized a Theile Ported design which allows players to dial in the full frequency range of the guitar. Low end is determined by the port width, mid response by the shelf depth, and top end by choice of speakers. Placed vertically, the Z Best delivers a tuned, focused sound yet has the airy qualities associated with open back cabs due to the front port. When placed horizontally, you pick up more low end as the front port is then coupled with the floor. This is a long throw cabinet that will get the sound to the back of the room.

Speakers: Celestion V30, Celestion Creamback 65
Dimensions: 2×12: 19 ¼” H, 28 ¼” W, 13 ¾” D; 45 lbs.

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