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SN: 210000008564


The new AD-9 Pro model improves on one of Maxon’s most coveted models in order to produce the best-sounding, most reliable analog delay ever. Featuring 4 of Maxon’s proprietary, MC4107D bucket brigade IC’s, the AD-9 Pro provides a pure and crystal-clear analog delay with up to 450 milliseconds of delay time. Using the world’s first RMS level sensor and companding noise reduction system, the AD-9 Pro provides the most transparent analog delay sound ever available in a stompbox format.

With the AD9Pro, aliasing and clock noises that were considered typical in analog delay circuits have been minimized to the point that they are virtually non-existent. With a Dynamic range that is 18 dB wider than the original AD-9 and a maximum input level of +12 dB, the AD-9 Pro can be used with any input signal. This improved low range response yields a bold sound not normally associated with analog delay and the superior balance between low and high range that the AD-9 Pro offers creates a delay tone that is simultaneously clear and firm yet retains the characteristic warmth of analog. Furthermore, the wider dynamic range allows the AD-9 Pro to be used in the effects loop of any amplifier without creating signal distortion or level disparities.

In addition to its amazing tonality, the AD-9 Pro features a new Single Head/Dual Head Mode function that is switchable via a top-mounted mini switch. In Single Head mode, the AD-9 Pro functions as a standard analog delay. In Dual Head Mode, a midstream delay signal (which is taken from the middle BBD of the delay circuit) is added into the normal delay signal to emulate the sound of Tape Echo multi-head operation. This feature provides interesting new delay effects such as the Ping Pong repeats made famous by Tape Echo units as well as ambient effects that recreate the echoes of a large concert hall with stunning accuracy.