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*Pre-Order* ETA 2023

Limited to 100 unit worldwide!

It’s no secret that Joey Landreth is one of the most impressive guitar players and songwriters of our time. When Two-Rock started working with Joey in 2017 they shortly realized their shared passion for harmonic tremolos and in discussing what the ideal amp would look like a new amp was soon in the works. They have been working together on this project for the last six years and they couldn’t be more excited to be able to release this unique amplifier.

The Joey Landreth Signature amp is a 100 watt (4x 6L6) single channel amplifier with a harmonic tremolo circuit, bias tremolo circuit and an analog tube spring reverb. The head itself is the same size as the 150 watt Silver Sterling Signature and will be offered in black bronco tolex with a tobacco suede front baffle and metal trim. With this amp they are releasing a new Two-Rock 3×10 speaker cabinet.

Each amplifier will include a vinyl record from Joey.

Harmonic tremolo, unlike the bias tremolo which modulates the output volume, modulates higher and lower frequencies separately, at the same rate, but offset in phase from one another. There is no actual change in overall volume or pitch, but the faux doppler-effect created by the phase-shifting between high and low frequencies makes it sound like a mixture of both. It is a very cool sound and takes three-and-a-half preamp tubes to accomplish.  The addition of both tremolos can be used simultaneously or independently to give the player a myriad of sounds and tones to create.

“It is literally the most beautiful sounding amp I have ever played, and I would think that whether my name was on it or not,” says Landreth “The preamp delivers the perfect edge of break up sound, kind of like something lower wattage, while the power amp delivers all the punch and thump you get from a big amp. It’s never too much even at 100 watts. The dual tremolos are icing on the cake. It would be a killer without them, but with them it makes it the perfect ‘guitar staring into amp’ rig. Not that it can’t handle pedals. The front end has this beautiful squish to it which makes it a perfect partner to the fuzz lovers. It’ll soak up all the harsh transients and leave you with just the good stuff.”