The newest amp in the TwoRock family is the result of a strong commitment to tradition, an obsession with vintage tone and feel, and a love of modern design. The Vintage Deluxe is a single-channel amplifier built on a steel chassis and features a full tube analog reverb with a bias tremolo circuit. A new feature for TwoRock, this amplifier adds a Texture switch which changes the feel of the amp from a soft scooped front-end to a faster attack with an increased amount of harmonic content and texture. Another unique function is the Tone Stack switch. When engaged via the footswitch or toggle, the tone stack on the front on the amplifier is bypassed and a secondary tone stack with a single tone control on the back on the amplifier becomes active. This allows you to shape your tone from dark and wooly to an over-the-top lead tone.

The Vintage Deluxe Combo is a 35-watt 2 x 6L6, single GZ34 rectifier version.  Offered in black bronco with vintage silver cloth with a black chassis.

The Vintage Deluxe gives you the nostalgic feeling from the golden era of tube amplifiers built in the mid-sixties, with all of the performance, trusted reliability, and unique voice that you expect from TwoRock.