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SN: SE132


Made in Germany – The Seiler SE-132 SMR features Super Magnet Repetition (SMR) action. Within the Seiler SMR action, small ceramic magnets are installed. These lightweight, permanent magnets force each other apart faster and more reliably than the spring alone. The result is both a faster and more reliable repetition, and very nearly equal to the best grand piano actions.

Seiler Model: SE-132 Concert SMR “Performance Studio”
Upright Piano
Polished Ebony

Height: 52″
Width: 58 1/4″
Depth: 25 3/5″
Weight: 584 lbs

A milestone of the Seiler engineering team is the patented Super Magnetic Repetition (SMR) Action, permitting unsurpassed repetition speed on Seiler’s upright pianos. This innovative patented technology, unrivaled worldwide, replaces the spring-action repetition of the traditional upright action with two magnets. This permits repetition even in the lower third of the key travel, thus providing pianists with a new dimension to their interpretations of allegro and prestissimo musical passages.

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