SN: 9013


​Neck 7.5K, Bridge 8.3k, Long unoriented (Indiana made) A5 neck,  Long oriented A5 bridge

The JW-102B set was developed at the request of a well established Burst conversion specialist to capture the vintage tone and dynamics of a vintage long A5 PAF humbucker pickup set of a specific resistance. The JW-102B Custom MXV set was developed around a Indiana made long unoriented A5 neck magnet and a long oriented bridge magnet. The unoriented A5 neck magnet gives a clear balanced tone with a touch of treble crunch that works great with this neck pickup. The oriented A5 in the bridge makes for a full, focused, punchy bridge tone without the harsh highs of many modern overseas oriented A5 magnets. ThroBak oriented A5 is a vintage A5 mix that charges lower than most modern A5 mixes, assuring a true vintage Alnico 5 tone, no harsh treble. Wound on the time capsule ThroBak 1957 Leesona-102B for the ultimate in vintage PAF humbucker pickup accuracy. Made in USA.