The single-channel Classic Reverb Signature is Two-Rock’s ultimate tone shaping machine. This harmonically rich amp can be pushed into beautiful clean or overdriven tones while still retaining the guitar’s natural voice. This amp features our proprietary output transformer as well as an all tube analog spring reverb, 3-position Gain Structure switch, foot switchable FET circuit, tone stack bypass, and Reverb Defeat which all together gives this amp a wide range of tonal possibilities, and have made the Classic Reverb Signature such an integral part of so many artist’s guitar rigs. The 3-position Gain Structure switch changes the front end sensitivity and overall feel of the preamp; in the down position the amp feels similar to a vintage black-panel, the middle position is much like the Two-Rock Matt Schofield Signature front end with a hotter input stage, and the full up position is our traditional Two-Rock front end. On the 100/50 watt version the power output is switchable from 100 watts to 50 watts. Same goes for our 40 watt version which is switchable from 40 watts to 20 watts. On the 50 watt version instead of a half power option, the high power mode is fixed-biased and the low power mode is cathode biased. When switching wattages on the 100/50w and 40/20w versions, our proprietary output transformer compensates for impedance and phase differences so there is no adverse affect on the tone or feel of the amplifier.

: 100/50 Watt 4 X 6L6 (Half Power Scaling), 50 Watt (Fixed Bias, Cathode Bias) 2 X 6L6 Dual Tube Rectified
Size: 20 5/8″ WIDE, 12″ TALL, 10 5/8″ DEEP, 43 LBS
Control: Foot switchable FET, tone stack bypass and reverb defeat
Effects Loop: Passive
Output: 4, 8 and 16 ohm

1X12 Cab

Our open back 112 is a portable  and light weight cabinet. These cabs feature void-free multi-ply birch construction, special bracing, tuned back, sides, and baffle, as well as a tuned rear port. The result is a stunningly lively cabinet with a huge sound stage and even bass dispersion.

  • DIMENSIONS: 24.25″ WIDE, 18″ TALL, 12″ DEEP
  • WEIGHT: 36 LBS

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