Friedman Twin Sister

The Twin Sister comes from a demand for a 2 channel Dirty Shirley amp.

Introducing the Friedman Twin Sister Amp – a powerhouse of tone and versatility!

Designed by renowned amp guru Dave Friedman, this amplifier is a true game-changer for guitarists seeking premium sound quality and unmatched performance. The Friedman Twin Sister Amp features a dual-channel design that effortlessly blends classic vintage tones with modern flexibility. Its meticulously crafted circuitry ensures exceptional clarity and dynamics, allowing your playing to shine through with every note. Whether you’re after warm, smooth cleans or searing, high-gain distortion, this amp has got you covered. With its intuitive control layout, the Twin Sister Amp offers a wide range of tonal options. From the responsive gain controls to the interactive EQ section, you can easily dial in your desired sound, making it perfect for any musical style or genre. The amp also features a switchable 20-watt or 40-watt power mode, allowing you to adapt to any gig or studio environment. Built to last, the Friedman Twin Sister Amp is constructed using high-quality components and meticulous attention to detail. Its rugged chassis ensures durability on the road, while its compact size makes it easy to transport. Whether you’re a touring musician or a studio enthusiast, this amp is designed to withstand the demands of professional use. In conclusion, the Friedman Twin Sister Amp is a top-tier amplifier that combines vintage warmth with modern versatility. Its exceptional sound quality, intuitive controls, and roadworthy construction make it a must-have for any guitarist looking to elevate their playing to new heights. Experience the power and tone of the Friedman Twin Sister Amp, and unlock your true potential on stage or in the studio. This amp is very dynamic and touch sensitive. It can go from beautiful blooming cleans to gritty drive tones and beyond.

Here’s a couple examples of Twin Sister Custom Tolex sets.

Custom Red Tolex head and 2x12 cabinet set

Twin Sister Head with Vertical 2×12 Cabinet Red Tolex Salt and Pepper Grill

Custom Fawn Tolex head and 2x12 cabinet set

Twin Sister Head with Vertical 2×12 Cabinet Slub Bronco Oxblood Grill

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