Founded in 2001 Retro-Sonic has given the pedal community improved and refined recreations of classic pedals we love. Their lineup includes an LM308 Distortion (RAT), Analog Delay (DM-2), Compressor (Ross Comp), Phaser (Script Phase 90), Eight-O-Eight (Tube Screamer), and the now legendary CE-1 Chorus.

This lineup has now expanded to include the most accurate recreation of the late 70’s 18v Electric Mistress. This pedal brings the classic tones of David Gilmour and Andy Summers to a convenient single size pedal format with modern appointments.

Retro-Sonic’s founder and gear head Tim has toiled aimlessly to ensure his version of this classic pedal was tonally true to the original. The Retro-Sonic Flanger runs at 18 volts like the original, giving this pedal more clarity and headroom. Tim has also corrected some of the noise issues and volume drop experienced with the original Mistress.

This pedal is a must have for guitar players seeking lush, full bodied chorus/flange tones found on some of rocks most iconic albums. It would also be a unique addition for any guitar player seeking to define their own sound.