At Lauzon Music, we carry a full range of Gibson ES-335 Guitars in Canada.

When the Gibson ES-335 debuted in 1958, it was an instant hit. This semi-hollow body jazz box was the first guitar to feature a body with no center block, providing maximum resonance. Known for its characteristic “snarling” tone and sparkling highs, the Gibson ES-335 is one of the most sought-after Gibson models.

Gibson has made a number of variations on the design, but they all have the same basic features: two humbucking pickups and a tune-o-matic bridge. The Gibson ES-335 was designed in 1958 by Ted McCarty for Gibson president Ted Kemeny, who wanted it to be an alternative to Gibson’s other solid-body models like Les Pauls and SGs. The guitar quickly became popular among jazz players due to its acoustic sound and longer scale length compared to normal solid-body guitars. It also has a unique style that makes it stand out from other Gibson models.

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