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Martin guitars have been around since 1833—and they’re still going strong.

Martin guitars were first made by Martin Guitars, a company founded by Christian Frederick Martin in New York City. At first, they were only made of rosewood and spruce (which are both great woods for acoustic guitars), but the company has expanded its offerings over time to include other styles and materials as well.

The standard series has been around since 1974 and contains many models that have been around since then. These include: The D-18 (a dreadnought guitar), The 00 (an Auditorium body guitar), and many others!

Today, you can find a variety of Martin models in Lauzon music inventory, including the standard series acoustic guitar and the custom shop.

pictured here a Martin Rich Robinson Custom Signature Edition D-28
Martin Guitars Canada.
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Lauzon Music carries a wide range of Martin guitars at our store so you can find one that suits your style perfectly!

Martin Guitars Canada.

Martin Guitar Canada.