The Mayfly Sketchy Zebra is a 6-stage vibrato / phase shifter with a huge range of spacey sounds. Speed control to vary the rate of the swirl. Feedback control to control the depth of the phasing. Manual mode and control to set the phase to a fixed amount. Foot-switchable pitch-shifting vibrato mode that captures the essence of a rotating speaker. Internal trim pots to set volume of phase and vibrato effects – independently. Fully bypass switching using relays with Mayfly’s ‘fail safe’ feature that automatically put the pedal in bypass mode if the pedalboard loses power. For a little warble to a full on phased out space travel, the Sketchy Zebra has you covered.

  • 6-stage vibrato / phase shifter.
  • Vibrato / phase modes foot-switchable.
  • Manual phase mode.
  • Internal volume pots to set effect volume. Both phase and vibrato volumes can be set independently.
  • Relay full bypass switching with fail-safe.
  • 9VDC input.