SN: sle-101 plus


SLE-101 Plus MXV P.A.F. Humbucker Guitar Pickup Specs.:
Neck 7.8K, Bridge 8.4K, Long unoriented A5

The SLE-101 Plus Limited has the same winder configuration as the  SLE-101 Limited but with ThroBak custom cast unoriented A5 magnets and extra winds for more mid dominant power and bite. The unoriented A5 has the crunch of A2 plus the added mid projection of A5. Vintage spec. plain enamel magnet wire, Michigan hard maple wood spacer, vintage correct two conductor wire and threaded baseplates. These are among the best PAF pickup reproduction with ummatched vintage PAF humbucker pickup accuracy. Vintage wound on the Slug 101 and Leesona 102. Made in USA.

Maximum Vintage Patent Applied For Set Specs.    MADE IN USA

• Vintage PAF clone Butyrate bobbins tooled and molded in the USA to vintage specs..

• Coils wound on vintage Leesona 102 and vintage Gibson, Kalamazoo made Slug 101 PAF winders assure unsurpassed vintage winding accuracy.

• PAF vintage reproduction baseplates tooled and stamped in the USA for ThroBak.

• PAF vintage repro covers stamped in USA and Nickel plated (with no Copper) at the same Kalamazoo shop that plated vintage PAF covers.

• Pole screws with vintage alloys cloned from 50’s vintage PAF pickup screws with cold form die tooled for ThroBak. Made in USA.

• Slugs with vintage alloys cut with a vintage Brown and Sharpe automatic screw machine for correct vintage look. Made in USA.

• Vintage Spec. Plain Enamel 42AWG magnet wire made with vintage coating and processes. Made in USA.

• Alnico magnets custom cast in the USA with vintage formulations.

• Vintage correct braided wire. Made in USA.