Two-Rock Bloomfield Drive.

Introducing the Bloomfield Drive, our revamped 2-channel platform that incorporates cutting-edge build techniques and upgraded components, including our exclusive output transformer. This transformer seamlessly compensates for impedance and phase differences when switching wattages on the 100/50w and 40/20w models, ensuring that the tone and feel of the amp remain unaffected.

The clean channel of the Bloomfield Drive offers a familiar, yet enhanced, responsiveness, depth, and bandwidth. It effortlessly transitions into a dynamic lead channel that provides a delightful playing experience. Acting as an extension of the clean channel, this new lead channel delivers rich harmonics, increased gain, and a beautiful sustain.

To further shape your sound, the Bloomfield Drive offers highly effective tone shaping options, such as mini-toggle EQ switches for EQ1/EQ2, Bright, Mids, and Deep. Engaging the foot-switchable tone stack bypass on either channel takes the amp to a whole new level of overdriven tones.

We have also incorporated a sophisticated all-tube spring reverb circuit into the Bloomfield Drive. This circuit is specifically designed to not interfere with the overdrive channel, allowing you to crank up the reverb while maintaining clear note definition, a sweet top end, and touch sensitivity when pushing the lead gain. With the Send and Return control, you have the flexibility to customize your reverb for any room or ambient effect you desire.

Amp Configuration: 100w/50w 4x6L6 (Half Power Scaling)
Controls: 2-Channel Cascading gain stage platform with adjustable treble, mid, and bass tone stack. Separate Reverb send and return controls
Channels: Foot switchable lead channel and tone stack bypass
Ohms: 4, 8, 16

2X12 Cab

These cabinets feature void free multi-ply birch construction, special bracing, tuned back, sides, and baffle, as well as a tuned rear port.  The result is a stunningly lively cabinet with a huge sound-stage and even bass dispersion.

  • DIMENSIONS: 20.625″ WIDE, 30.25″ TALL, 12″ DEEP
  • WEIGHT: 52 LBS

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Two-Rock Bloomfield Drive.

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