Universal Audio’s Sphere LX condenser microphone features a variable dual-output polar pattern and advanced mic modelling technology, allowing you to record through 20 classic ribbon, condenser, and dynamic microphones.

Key Benefits

● Change mic type, polar pattern, and other characteristics, even after tracking

● Dual Mode allows for blending the sound of two mono mics to get rich-sounding mic combinations on snare drums and guitar cabs

● Add the ultimate modelling mic to your collection, with dual gold-sputtered diaphragms and the lowest noise of any mic in its class

● Tame room coloration for cleaner, more professional recordings using IsoSphere and its expert presets tailored for everything from your bedroom studio to popular isolation filters from sE Reflexion Filters, Aston Halo, Kaotica Eyeball and more

● Includes 10′ cable, mic stand mount, and carrying case