At Lauzon Music, we carry an extensive lineup of PRS Silver Sky guitars in Canada.
We stock both the core model PRS Silver Sky and the PRS SE Silver Sky. This guitar is perfect for all kinds of music, from indie to blues, country to metal.

The PRS Silver Sky is the electric guitar that Paul Reed Smith began designing back in 2009. Since then, it’s evolved and found its way into the hands of some of today’s top players, like John Mayer, who have used it in every genre of music. The Silver Sky guitar is all about balance — from the refined voicing to the pickups and switching system. It’s a guitar that will be equally at home in the studio or on stage with your favourite band.

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The Silver Sky guitar is designed to bridge the gap between traditional single-cut guitars and modern instruments. The neck is wide, the ergonomic curve combines comfort and playability well beyond other guitars. The streamlined headstock on the PRS Silver Sky guitar helps to create the comfort and speed needed for long jam sessions. The PRS Silver Sky is an exceptionally versatile guitar. The PRS patented moulded heel helps give these guitars a fit that is just right for most players, right out of the box. The combination of tonewood and pickup creates a very sweet and nuanced sound that makes the Silver Sky one of the most popular and best-selling guitars in the world. The pickups are a proprietary design, specifically voiced for a bright, clear tone.

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Here are a few examples of PRS Silver Sky guitars:


The Lauzon Difference

At Lauzon Music, we proudly offer a wide selection of PRS Guitars in Canada. We’re known as a top destination for high-quality instruments and uncompromising service. At Lauzon Music, we are dedicated artists just like all of our amazing customers. We’ve been in the business of music since 1945 and we do our best to present every instrument in its best possible state.

Lauzon Music is a custom dealer for a variety of guitar brands, and we frequently order custom and vintage models. Reach out to our team anytime and we will help match you with the guitar of your dreams. When you order a guitar through our store you will get a dialed-in guitar. Additionally, all our technicians do a final setup on every guitar before it ships. Choose Lauzon Music today, we’re the best option for Fender Guitars in Canada.

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