Taylor Guitars in Canada

Taylor guitars are known as a player-friendly guitar with excellent craftsmanship and beautiful aesthetics. With their ever-expanding lineup of premium guitars, we’re proud to offer almost all of them here at Lauzon Music!

We’re all about turning your musical dreams into reality. Our Taylor Custom Shop is where the magic happens and where you can design your dream guitar. We’re all about precision and craftsmanship, and we’re excited to help you create a unique and perfect instrument that fits your style. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, our Taylor Custom Shop has something perfect for everyone. Come and explore the world of Taylor Custom Shop guitars today!


Quality Custom Guitars

Lauzon Music is proud to be one of Taylor Guitars’ custom shop dealers in Canada. With Taylor’s legendary craftsmanship, we are always offering Canadian musicians a wide variety of options and customizable guitars to fit their needs. Have a something special in mind? We’ve got you covered and can help you create the guitar off your dreams! Choose your very own wood selection, body shape, colour palette, model, and more!

Have questions about the Taylor Custom Shop guitars process? Reach out to our team today and we can show you your options!

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Here are a few examples of our Taylor guitars:


The Lauzon Music Difference

Lauzon Music is known as a top destination for high quality instruments and uncompromising service. We are dedicated artists just like all of our amazing customers and we’ve been in the business of music since 1945.

When it comes to Taylor Guitars and Taylor Custom Shop guitars, we always do our best to present every instrument in it’s best possible state and to your exact customizations. Generally, we are able to order any of the models Taylor makes, and when you order a guitar through our store you will get a dialed in guitar. Additionally our technician does a final setup on every guitar before it ships. Choose Lauzon Music today, we’re the best option for Taylor Guitars in Canada.

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