SN: 5938


Copied from two vintage ’56 Les Paul Soap Bar P90 pickups sets the ’55/’56-SB set represents a transition in both Les Paul and P90 soap bar specifications. Long A2 neck magnets and long A4 bridge magnets as per the vintage reference pickups were an apparent attempt to balance out neck and bridge tones from the factory. The result is a rich, dark neck tone with a rich swell above the 12th fret and a bridge rich in harmonics.

7.6K Neck 8.1K Bridge, long A2 magnets (Neck), A4 (Bridge), charged to vintage levels. Choose Butyrate Bone, Cream or Black MXV reproduction covers aged or unaged. Choice of shiny, tarnished or heavily aged Pole screws. Order with ThroBak Vintage Modified baseplates for a guaranteed fit with your Gibson Historic and all other modern P-90 guitar models. Also available with ThroBak vintage reproduction baseplates for vintage restoration products. All MXV soapbar sets come with 4 nickel plated brass vintage spec. mounting screws.