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Two-Rock is a brand founded on a simple idea: build some of the most sought-after tube amplifiers in the world. They’re not just talking about performance. Two-Rock amps promise deep lows and searing highs. The thing that really separates Two-Rock from the pack is their commitment to using only the best components available to craft each amplifier. Each part in every amp gets scrutinized for both function and tone before it’s used in final manufacturing. The result is an amplifier that sounds great and looks like nothing else on the market today.

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We Carry The Full Line of Two-Rock Amps

Two-Rock Amplifiers are the pinnacle of boutique amplifier design. From the powerful, tube-driven sound to its handcrafted chassis, Two-Rock offers players like John Mayer and Eric Johnson an unparalleled experience that’s second to none.

We carry the full line of Two-Rock amps. This includes the Two-Rock Bloomfield Drive, Two-Rock Classic Reverb, Two Rock Silver Sterling, Two Rock Traditional Clean, Two-Rock TS-1, and the Two-Rock Studio Signature.

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